I can’t believe Christmas is almost here🎄! What are your holiday plans?? It’s been such a busy month at work but I’m excited to be heading home to DC to spend time with the fam.❤️ @drjenandjuice drjenandjuice Dr. Jennifer Tsai | NYC

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bella_b031 - bella B 6 months ago

Too much lots of love from #southafrica have awesome time forever best wishes to you and your loved ones #031 😍👏👏🙌 u make that tree look stunning but mane u perfect take care 😍😍👏😢

jlfaustin - JLF 6 months ago

Need to take pic with Christmas lights next time lol very cute and creative

intentmanifesto - Intent Manifesto 5 months ago

Awesome shot 😎 We NEED your help! We support, celebrate, and invest in women of color tech entrepreneurs! We would love it if you could join sign the manifesto - link in bio