BaxterCuddles: Purrfect way to start the morning. . . #purrbaby #snugglycat #baxterkitten #baxterlicious #babybkittens @foster_furbabies foster_furbabies Kitten Foster ~ Wendy 🐱

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webrla - 1 semaine depuis

Those babies are so adorable!

shanms_good28 - Shannon Savela Goodrich 1 semaine depuis

I would adopt him in a heartbeat if I didn’t have my restrictions from my back surgery! I hope all 3 of the b fur babies get adopted by awesome families! 💗💗💗

klr_805 - Kendra Robinson 1 semaine depuis

Love waking up to purrs! 🧡 Such a sweetheart ❣️ They all turned into cats overnight... they're getting so big!