Feeling super cute in my @lucyandyak dungas — they’re so comfy it’s insane. 😍 Perfect for days when you wanna feel more put together but still be cozy af. 👌🏻 #dungarees #consciousfashion #lucyandyak #interior #homedecor #hyggehome #myhomevibe #earthytones #prettylittleiiinspo #vintageaesthetic #rustichome #apartmentherapy #hygge #hyggelife #decorationideas #インテリア #家 #ヴィンテージ @jerianie jerianie イェリナ

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___threethreethree___ - 3 months ago

Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of Harmony Nice? You guys have a lot of similarities in look and some in fashion choice.

samanthabalazs - Sam Balazs 3 months ago

Hi! Your photos are always so beautiful ❤️ I'm an English archaeology student going to Finland for a placement at the Kierikki stone age centre (near Oulu) this summer and I'm so excited! Do you have any tips for learning Finnish? I really want to learn as I'll be there for 2 months but I don't know where to start!

ohayou.ashley - Ashley Beacham 3 months ago

You are literally my biggest aesthetic crush. Your clothes, your home decor, the scenery you choose for you photography. It's all goals tbh 👍👍

deez._.mee - deezmee 3 months ago

Such an amazing feed for drawing inspo, let me tell ya! Would you mind at all? 🌿