The eagle never spends his time and energy pursuing the insignificant. He hunts for prey that will satisfy him and are equipped to catch. He always seeks the bigger things. 🦅 #millionairethinking #iliasaghrim @millionaire_thinking millionaire_thinking Millionaire Thinking™

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ayudamearespirar - ayudame a respirar 2 months ago

Hola💜💜Me ayudarías a difundir mi historia y mi campaña o apoyándome con un granito de arena 🙏💔En mi biografía mi historia completa y el link de mi GoFundMe para donaciones🙏Gracias!🙏

drkingsleychin - Motivation•Success Tools 2 months ago

🔥 Chasing small things are time sink you only have so much energy and time. Strategize with your time to get the big catch focus like the eagle avoid the small flies especially people that distract you daily.