You can respectfully disagree with someone else’s perspective or opinion and put your differences aside. @motivated.mindset motivated.mindset Mindset Shifts & Hacks 🧠

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yellowskysm - Social Media & Insight Manager 1 mois depuis

So true! I read recently for creating an optimum society we need some people to be ethical a**holes. They get things done that are good for society and don't worry about looking good.

shugiyasin - Shugi Yasin 1 mois depuis

We think being childish stops when you turn 18 but it's not true a lot of us are still children maybe not always but in some situations. If we take everything always personal and get offended by instance it's a sign of not mature enough. Being adult is not the same meaning as being mature.

light_under_bushel - Quotes & Sayings 1 mois depuis

Word💯🔥 One of the best things I read today😊..Keep inspiring through your creative content😊..*BTW*..I thought only my page had good posts!hahaha(Kidding- 😄)..!! Hoping for more:)

grey_allen48 - Grey Allen 1 mois depuis

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