QOTD: Character death that still haunts you? Currently mine are from MDZS but Ash Lynx will always haunt me. @ Photo taken by @mjl.photographs #kaneki #kanekiken #kenkaneki #tgcosplay #kanekicosplay #aesthetic #tokyokushu #金木研 #佐々木琲世 #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulre #tgre #tokyoghoulcosplay #tokyoghoulrecosplay #tgcosplay #tgrecosplay #東京喰種 #東京喰種トーキョーグール#東京喰種re #コスプレ #化粧 #anime #manga #animeboy #snow #winter #hideyoshinagachika @sleepiboicosplay sleepiboicosplay Cosplayer ~Roo~

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batsmarvelous - Davis Vinsmoke 3 weeks ago

Ted Kord, the second blue beetle--he died because none of the other DC heroes took him seriously and he'd stumbled on a major conspiracy that he brought to every memeber of the justice league who ignored him or laughed him off. His last words and his expression still haunt me

une.cos - UN:E Cosplay | Ganga Ganga 3 weeks ago

Strength from Black ☆ Rock Shooter was the first death in one of the first taste of anime I ever got. I didn't know shows could kill their own characters. It hit hard and left a long-lasting effect on what I would continue to seek out in media!

yourlocalcosplayer - Lynn 3 weeks ago

Kakeru from orange will always be one that hits me at my core I love that series with my whole being and the Story telling is absolutely beautiful as well as the plot and all the characters it really just makes it everything hurt 10x worse at its climax

totski_ - Katie 3 weeks ago

Kamina from Gurren Lagann, Wash in Serenity (whyyyyyyy), every single slain JoJo and JoBro, esp in Part 5 and Part 6. 😭

hannah_lesner - Hannah 3 weeks ago

I could honestly go on and on, but Erik’s death, from the Phantom of the Opera, will always make me cry.