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itsreallybrad - 1 semaine depuis

Blessing and a curse 🤷🏽‍♂️

hustlewithian - ⚜️ Ian Teo | Real Estate 1 semaine depuis

I face the same problems too 🙏🏻 It motivates me to know that positive content like this can really bring up the spirits of others . I’m trying to grow my own page through creating uplifting content to motivate others! . I sincerely appreciate if you could like this comment, show my page some love and let me know any feedback! 👍🏻 . @hustlewithian

theroyalfolks - The Royal Folks 1 semaine depuis

You know what? We all share the same modern world but the main thing that sperates the well-mannered from the rest is their standards. Our standards define us and we must learn to raise them, so come join @theroyalfolks family and learn to live a classy life. Anyone believes in standards and respect here?